Match Report
Cathedral School, Llandaff Girls-U13A vs  Wycliffe College Girls-U14B
On: Saturday, 18 May 2019
Venue: Away

The U13s faced Wycliffe away this weekend. The girls were sceptical before the game began as they were to face an U14 B team. During the first innings it was decided that we would field first. The girls displayed some great team work and communications skills, which resulted in seven of Wycliffe's players from being dabbed out on the bases, particularly by Aisha A on first base and Holly R on second. Bronwen H reacted very quickly to the ball at backstop and often made the correct decision on who to pass to, enabling those on bases to dab people out. When it was CSL's turn to bat, we were a bit slow to begin with as we were quite cautious of being dabbed out, rather than capitalising on mistakes being made by the opposition. Many of the girls made great long shots into the gaps between fielders, allowing them to score a full rounder. Wycliffe were only able to get three of our batters out during the first innings. By the end of the first innings the score was 8.5 to Wycliffe and 13.5 to CSL.

During the second innings, CSL were able to hold Wycliffe to only 4 rounders, bringing their total to 12.5 for the game, meaning we had already won before our final batting innings. The fielding by CSL was very sharp and reactive, with many off the opposition being dabbed out on first base again, and deep fielders were able to retrieve and return the ball quickly. The pace of the game was controlled by Mali C as bowler, who gave great direction to the other fielders on where to throw. CSL managed to get eight of Wycliffe batters out. On our second batting innings, CSL took some great risks, which paid off. The deep fielders were slow to react to the ball and their players weren't always ready for the ball at the bases, allowing our girls to run past them. Every CSL player managed to score at least half a rounder during the game. The final score of the game was 21.5 to CSL and 12.5 to Wycliffe.

Holly R was awarded fielder of the game for her quick reactions and safe hands on second base and Mali C was awarded batter of the game for her great hitting and ability to outrun the ball on the bases.